Great Google Challenge – Tech Champ Michelle Weichert


Christmas Treats with a Twist


Students will use previous knowledge of cooking utensils, knife cuts, math skills, and recipe creations to make an appetizer or dessert using one specific ingredient that is drawn by the student groups.


Students will research foods with a specific ingredient to make delicious dishes.  They will have a trial run where they can modify their ingredients/dishes to be put out for teachers.



Hot Dogs






Gluten Free



Crescent Rolls


Other miscellaneous ingredients


Students will  draw cards with random ingredients on it. (Must be gluten free, must use cinnamon, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, cheese, vegetables, fruit, eggs, chips, chicken, chocolate)

Students will use Google search engine to come up with a recipe using the ingredient.

Students will have to use Google Docs to write up their recipe with instructions and email to me.

Students will take pictures of their creations on their trial run day, and use those pictures using Google Slides to create a how-to-presentation of their dish.

Students will cook their creations and have a display set up.

Culinary II Students will also complete this challenge, and also provide a holiday punch to complement their cooked items.


Teachers will sample items made by students and choose favorites in the categories of Best Appetizer, Best Dessert, Best Overall, Most Creative Use of an Ingredient, and Best Presentation



Great Google Challenge – Tech Champ Abby Paben

Up on the Housetop

Lesson Plan

Teacher: Mrs. Abby Paben

Date: 12/XX/16

Overview & Purpose

Santa must conserve his magic dust for his reindeer to fly; therefore, he needs to use a ladder that will get him from the roof to the top of the chimney to deliver his presents. Due to his weak knees, he just can’t land that jump any more. In order to decide the height of the ladder, we must use the Pythagorean Theorem.

TEKS Objectives

8.7.C 1. We will use Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems.

Materials Needed

  1. iPad
  2. Google Slides App
  3. Calculator


  1. Students will need to follow the Pythagorean Theorem steps in order to create their measurements for their right triangle and show proof that it works.


We will use Google Slides to construct a house by using the tools within Google Slides. We will draw off a right triangle from the top of the chimney to roof within the app. Then, we will come up with measurements that realistically fit to prove the Pythagorean Theorem so that Santa can find out how tall his ladder needs to be.

Link to pictures and work:



The Great Google Challenge – Tech Champ Kristen Elliott

CHALLENGE 6: Kristen Elliott.



2D or Not 2D? Winter Photo Project

Attached is a copy of the Google Doc that each student will have access to (and will be able to edit to write their descriptions) through Google Classroom. They will also use Google Search for research, source photos, and to generate ideas. TEKS: 7.1AB, 7.2ABC, 7.3ABC, 7.4AB,  8.1AB, 8.2ABC, 8.3ABC, 8.4AB

Day 1:

We will first discuss the muralist Julian Beever and see examples of his work. (Click this link for youtube video Julian Beever- Muralist)

Students will then discuss the historical significance and cultural importance of muralists in the 21st century. Students will Google “chalk muralist” to find other current artist’s work.

Day 2:

Students will break into groups and complete steps 1-3 of the assignment

Day 3:

Groups 1 & 2 complete steps 4-6 of the assignment (the remainder of the class does holiday craft)

Day 4:

Groups 3 & 4 complete steps 4-6 of the assignment (the remainder of the class does holiday craft)2D or Not 2D? Winter Photo Project

For this assignment we will be creating interactive murals with chalkboard contact paper, chalk, and YOU! The size of your mural will be 6.5’ x7.5’ and will be drawn on the contact paper attached to the floor.  Each person in your group will then be photographed “inside” the drawing interacting with your surroundings. Ours will be a winter wonderland or holiday theme so get to googling image ideas to fit our theme! There will be two photographs due for this project to be turned in through google classroom.

  1. A photo of sketches of your group’s ideas (load each attachment separately)
  2. A photo (cropped and edited) of each member of your group “inside” the drawing, interacting with your surroundings.

Assignment…Step by Step:

Step 1: Discuss with your group members (listed below) what objects and background you would like in your drawing. Each member should google ideas and source photos for your drawing that are winter or holiday related.

Step 2: Beside your group’s names below, write a brief description of your mural. No two groups should be the same, so read over the other student’s ideas.

Step 3:  As a group, sketch out your ideas on a sheet of white paper…use the colors you plan on using for the final mural. Photograph your sketches.

Step 4: Your group will only have 15 minutes to draw the mural and 5 minutes to photograph each other in the mural… you must work quickly and as a team to complete the work on time!

Step 5: Edit your photo… crop and resize if necessary. Submit at least two photos on each group member’s Google Classroom… A photo of your original sketches and an edited photo of yourself “inside” the mural.

Step 6: Submit your final photo with an audio or text description in Seesaw. Extra bonus points if you submit an additional short video in Seesaw of your group working on the sketches, mural or taking the photographs!

Have fun and let’s make some amazing art!